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Spencer & Laura : Wedding Highlights : Raleigh, NC

A few years before I met MacKenzie, I was sitting in a high school classroom in Raleigh, NC at an orientation for new teachers. Sitting next to me was a guy named Spencer Griffith; he was going to be teaching “computers” (my term, not his). I liked his sarcastic and quick-witted sense of humor. He wasn’t afraid to make fun of himself or me, and that was refreshing. Pretty quickly, I realized that he also had an extensive knowledge of music, and it seemed to be his goal to add some diversity to my admittedly nerdy music library. This all made more sense when I discovered that he was a writer for The Independent, covering the local music scene.

So Spencer quickly became one of my good friends. And when I eventually met Laura, I wondered when Spencer would wise up and ask her to marry him. Last April, I finally got the text from him. Classic Spencer humor: “Last night I tricked Laura into saying she would marry me. Sucker.”

Let the record show that Spencer and Laura are in the running for Most Laid-Back Bride and Groom of the 21st Century. We weren’t at all surprised by this, but still. Pretty staggering. Their wedding was personal, familial, and warm. And we were pretty honored to be there both as friends and as cinematographers.

Now if only he and Laura would wise up and move to Durham…

Music : The Beatles : “I’ve Just Seen a Face”

Ceremony : Viseo Dei Church
Reception : The Stockroom, downtown Raleigh, NC
Photographer: Rebecca Mill of The Indie Image

Meredith - This looked like such a fun wedding!

Christopher Zirkle - Nice work. Do you shoot with DSLR cameras? What did you record your audio during the ceremony with? It was clean. I keep getting some noise in my audio with my Zoon H4N.