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Waiting for Beatrix

Happy New Year! Maybe you’ve noticed our long pause in sharing new films or posting to our blog over the last month. In mid-December (the last time we shared anything here) we were waiting anxiously for our little girl to arrive. Due on December 16, she kept us on pins and needles as Christmas inched closer and yet she seemed quite cozy inside my belly. Finally, on Christmas Eve, in the midst of our church’s candlelight carol service, she decided she wanted to join us. Later that night, just 1 hour after checking into our hospital, Beatrix Nance Henry rocked our world.

When we arrived home from the hospital, Philip told me that my Christmas gift had finally arrived. He sat me down and turned on the TV. Through tears and laughter we watched this video he’d edited as a gift to me. Crafted with footage we’d taken over the last 9+ months of waiting for Bea, it is the best Christmas gift anyone has given to me, ever! Especially when I realized that Philip had gone home from the hospital late at night and spent hours editing the last section of this special little film so I could enjoy it when coming home.

For the last month I’ve kept this gift to myself mostly, sharing with family and a few close friends. I’m excited to share it publicly today, on the eve of 4 weeks with our sweet girl, and in celebration of my insanely thoughtful and creative husband.

jessica - OMG! as soon as we heard you guys were expecting, I was SO excited for another one of these!! Loved the one made for Pax and this one is just so stinkin’ amazing!! Love you guys!!

Elizabeth Cayton - so, so sweet! congratulations on your new little lady!

Chelsey Morrison - Oh so sweet. Congratulations, y’all!

Julia Wade - I have chills and goosebumps and such a FULL heart watching this. You four are something special. Congrats again.. <3

Cheyenne Schultz - oh man…that was the sweetest. so happy for you guys. xoxo.

Anne - AHH! What a beautiful family! SO happy for you.

Graham - This video is incredible you guys. I want you to have another baby so we all can enjoy another one of these vids! So happy for you both!

Nancy Ray - This is so beautiful, you guys! Love your sweet family. Also love the book “Are you my mother?” LOVE that you are reading that to your kiddos! Blessings on you this year! (Tell little Bea her middle name is especially great, too!) ;)

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