Wedding Video
Wedding Video

Who will be filming my wedding? We will! Some companies subcontract their shooting and editing, but we think its crucial to be there, experiencing the story well later edit. Were all about quality over quantity. Apart from MacKenzies brief maternity leave this summer * , if you hire Inkspot Crow Films, we (Philip and MacKenzie) will film and edit your wedding. *Our third cinematographer, Ryan, will join us for the summer of 2012. Hes pretty rad and if your wedding is in the summer, count yourself lucky to have Philip and Ryan covering your big day!

Do you travel?
You bet we do! Last year we filmed a series of promotional films in Austin, TX, a photographer promo in Maine, and a betrothal ceremony in New Orleans. This year we have weddings in Cape Cod, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Atlanta and Bald Head Island just to name a few.

Can we meet you? Wed love to! Lets grab a cup of coffee or a piece of pie sometime. If youre not local, well make a time to video G-chat! We pride ourselves in creating films that are unique to your story and your personalities so getting to know you is important and frankly, quite fun!

OK, were ready to book you. Now what?
Once youve determined were a good fit, well create and mail a Filming Agreement. It will outline all of the nitty gritty! You can return the Agreement in the envelope we provide along with your 50% deposit, which will reserve your wedding date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. Easy as pie!

Can we see an example of your Wedding Feature Film?
So glad you asked! Of course you can. Were really proud of our Wedding Features, but dont post each online as we do with our highlights films. We truly believe that the care and thought we put into editing our longer films really set us apart from the competition! Just send us an email and were happy to send one over to you with a password.

Can I have the raw footage to edit myself or watch later? Sorry, we dont provide the raw footage. Its probably the one thing were not really flexible on, either. We believe our clients are hiring us to make an artful film of their wedding day, and trust me, we shoot in very short clips, so were using tons of footage to produce your wedding films. In other words, youre not going to miss a thing! Raw footage has not been color corrected (we actually shoot with a picture style that is very flat to retain as much information as possible) and then color grade this footage in the final films. Raw footage has not been edited down to remove camera movement or to enhance audio quality, etc. If you were to watch our raw footage (or show it to your friends or family) you would be getting a completely different idea of Inkspot Crow Films than when you watch our finished films online or DVD.
What will you wear to our wedding? Probably something dark, neutral and professional. Well rock flip-flops and jeans in our spare time. On your wedding day, well respectfully dress the part.

Will you tell us what to do, how to act, or direct us on our wedding day?
In short, no! If you're hiring Inkspot Crow Films, its because you appreciate the genuine emotion and documented moments in our films. There is no need for us to recreate scenes. Trust us, there is PLENTY of raw beauty and emotion on your wedding day to create a cinematic film! That said, the quality of our films also depends on good light, so if youre getting dressed in the dark, we may ask you to move to a lighter area of the room, open the blinds, etc.

Do we have to feed you? We work better with food in our stomachs, so for events more than 6 hours, we hope youll provide a vendor meal for each of us!

When will I get my wedding film(s)?
Well start editing your footage right away. We usually have your Highlights Film ready in about 4-6 weeks. Well deliver the DVD with your Wedding Feature Film and any additional films within 4 months. Not bad, huh?

Where did your name come from?
Inkspot Crow is a combination of our screen names! We met online and yes, wed love to make a commercial for them.