The Inkspot Crow team has produced wedding films since 2010 and has filmed over 100 weddings. Our work has taken us to places like Nantucket, Turks & Caicos, Vancouver, California, Costa Rica and throughout the Southeast and New England.  You can read more about the actual humans that make up our little company below.  And if you want more, you can read about our approach toward the bottom.



photo by Meredith Perdue

MACKENZIE : cinematographer & client relations

hails from: OHIO, WYOMING, and NC (yes, it’s that complicated…)

brings to the table: 8 years of sales and marketing in luxury goods, an eye for design, the art of multi-tasking as a mother to two and co-owner in 2 businesses

gets giddy about: our kids Pax and Bea, snuggles with our dog Charlie, local beer enjoyed outside, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, fresh flowers, Christmas, movie trailers at the theater, making cookie dough, family trips to the Farmers Market, reading in the bathtub, summers in Maine. Anything about Maine, really. 

moving picture inspiration (as of late): Game of Thrones, Veep, True Detective (season one only…), The Hurt Locker, Love and Mercy, Room, Senna. 


photography by Meredith Perdue

PHILIP : co-founder, lead cinematographer and editor

hails from: NASHVILLE
brings to the table: an Emmy award for his editing, a semester studying film in LA (writing, shooting, editing, directing and producing), background in filmscore composition
gets giddy about: living in a little mountain town, semi-annual trips to the climbing gym, Halloween, filmscores both new and old, documentaries that are equal parts medicine and sugar, rearrangements of old hymns, IPA’s and ambers, anything related to autumn, the pursuit of the perfect homemade pizza, that part of the editing process when things start to make sense and I choose to keep working rather than eat lunch
moving picture inspiration: Moonrise Kingdom, Where the Wild Things Are, Children of Men, The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, ParaNorman, Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Mozart in the Jungle, The Act of Killing, King of Kong, Street Fight  




Our goal in creating these little films is really really simple: make it good and make it true.  A lot of wedding videos these days are really pretty to look at, but they often have one flavor: epic. There are so many emotions and moments on a typical wedding day, so why shouldn’t they ALL be represented?  

We hope that our films acknowledge every human emotion that was present that day: humor, beauty, joy, fun, sweetness, quirkiness, and sometimes, yes… even epicness.  If we do that right, we know we’ve created something that really gets to the core of a couple and their unique love.