Q & A : Branding Films

When we’re not shooting and/or editing wedding films, we’re producing videos for folks and businesses who think our flavor fits what they’re doing.  We truly enjoy working with clients to conceptualize and orchestrate these “branding films.”  You can find some of our recent work at our sister company, Two Pine State.  Below you’ll find answers to questions that we commonly get.  If your question isn’t answered here, send us an email through our contact page or at hello@twopinestate . 



Q&A Branding Image SmallWhat kind of promotional films do you create? We’ve created films for non-profits, artists, small business owners, and schools. Our favorite promotional films focus on branding an individual or a company. Now, more than ever, consumers and supporters want to know who they are working with. Moving picture is a powerful tool for creating your brands image and giving life to your brand.

Can I see your portfolio of work? Our work is unlike most commercial production companies, so its important to familiarize yourself with our style of shooting and editing. You can view our recent documentary-stye films at Two Pine State.

Do you travel? You bet. We’ve created branding films and documentaries in Austin, Maine, NC and many spots in between. We’ve mastered flying with our equipment and enjoy Southwest’s “bags fly free” policy.

What is your process? The first step in creating a great promotional film is getting to know you or the organization we’re trying to promote. We will ask you lots of questions and we will listen. We’ll look at your website and study your social media content. Anything to get to know your brand. You may have a concept for your film already, or maybe we’ll all brainstorm together. After our initial phone call or cup of coffee, Philip and I will usually have a good idea of the time it will take to create your film (how many locations, how much time shooting and editing) and can let you know an estimated cost. Once you approve, we’ll set a filming date and get started!

How much do you charge? We don’t have a standard pricelist for branding films, because of the factors that contribute to cost (how many locations, duration of filming, estimated editing time, scheduling interviews, etc). We can usually give you a price estimate after our initial meeting or conversation.

What I want to do isn’t exactly like the other films you’ve done, but I still think we’d be a good fit.  What do you think? Just because you may not see what you’re looking for here doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to try.  We’re always up for a challenge.  Contact us, and if we feel like we can do a good job representing your organization or company, we should talk further…